Yoga and Plants

Much of yoga is about bringing peace and harmony into our everyday lives. To make the most of this it’s important to create a peaceful environment all around you. If you’re creating a studio, paint the walls with colors that relax you, diffuse oils that calm you, wear the comfortable yoga pants, and play the music that is peaceful. You can do the same at home as well. Your home is hopefully already a place you’ve created to allow yourself to relax after a long day, but there are always ways to bring more to your environment. Plants provide more to our daily life than we’d truly expect and can help enhance your yoga practice and daily life. Here is why and which plants provide the best experience.

We all know that plants help to purify our air, but how much? NASA did some research recently and found the houseplants remove 87% of toxins from our air. Greenery also has a way of putting us in a better mood. Studies have shown that the presence of greenery in our homes and workspace reduces stress and creates calm. All of these are great reasons to put more greenery around your home and will enhance your practice. All plants purify the air but here are a few suggestions if you’re wondering where to start.

The Rubber Plant

This plant has large leaves and is very hardy. This plant is also great at converting formaldehyde into oxygen and pulls the gas from things like laminate floors and carpets.

The Aloe Plant


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