Effective Glass Window Cleaning Procedure

There is the general and the effective cleaning of glass windows. General cleaning simply means cleaning a window whenever dirt is spotted on the glass surface. Effective cleaning means going the extra mile to ensure that a glass window is thoroughly cleaned. Effective cleaning is not limited to the glass surface but extends to cleaning of the frame and sealant if present.

A common mistake that is often committed when cleaning glass windows that must be avoided is poor timing. A glass window should always be cleaned when the glass is not direct to sunlight. The glass should only be cleaned when it is cool. It is also important not to clean the glass when it is windy. This is to prevent deposition of dirt on the glass soon after cleaning.

Effective cleaning of glass window requires preparation of all cleaning materials including cleaning solution. The basic materials required are clean water, cleaning solution (isopropyl alcohol or vinegar), lint-free cloth, sponge and a glass scrubber with strip washer. In preparing the cleaning solution, one part of vinegar should be mixed with 10 parts of water. In case isopropyl alcohol is used, one part of isopropyl should be mixed with one part of water.

The actual cleaning should ideally begin with drenching of the glass surface with prepared cleaning solution from the top, both on the interior and exterior. The glass scrubber with washer should be used to scrub the glass surface. The sponge should come in handy in removing any stubborn stains on the glass.

This should be followed by cleaning of the frame of which the sponge should be dipped in the cleaning solution for cleaning. Any cobwebs and other impurities on the frame should be removed both on the interior and exterior.

A second round of cleaning of both the glass surface and frame is necessary in order to remove any stubborn impurities. The lint-free cloth should be used to remove the solution from the glass surface immediately. It is very important that a dry sponge is used to clean the frame and sealant because leaving them wet can cause deterioration of the same.

A very important factor that must always be considered is the frequency of glass window cleaning. Cleaning frequency depends on location, prevailing weather condition and the environment.

Glass windows in rural areas should ideally be effectively cleaned after every six months. A cleaning frequency of three months is recommended for glass windows in and near industrial areas. A cleaning frequency of a month is recommended for glass windows in areas that experience extreme environmental conditions. Such are in most cases areas near mining sites where atmospheric pollution is very common.

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